Thematic Trails

Taw-Torridge Estuary

Natural History of the Taw-Torridge Estuary

Braunton Burrows, Northam Burrows.

"Here is an excellent series of wildlife and nature guidebooks. They impress by their clarity - bold maps - and clear directions - as well as by the highly informative text, pleasant drawings and dramatic photographs. There is also a refreshing element of challenge to the reader. A delightful series, full of variety". (Interpretation Journal)

Braunton Burrows

Horse-breaker's Slack


Thematic Trails 1996. A5. 47 pages. 30 illust. £2.95
A combined reference book and trail designed for visitors seeking serious explanation of this large unique dune environment which is now an International Biosphere Reserve. The circular walk through this important sand dune system includes a transect from the beach, through the fore-dunes, slacks, parabolic dunes, grassland and woodland.

Image of Braunton Burrows Wildflowers bookWILD FLOWERS OF BRAUNTON BURROWS Mary Breeds 2004
48 pages, 210 mm X 210 mm. Over 140 colour photos of plants and Burrows landscapes.£3.95
Braunton Burrows is one of the largest expanses of sand dunes in Britain. This book is both an introduction to, and a celebration of, the unique rich variety of plants that grow there. It is paradise for botanists because of the great diversity of species and the rarity of many of them. It is a pleasure to walk through these dunes, booklet in hand, to discover flowers and plants that you have never seen before. This admirably illustrated book neatly complements the exploration of the dunes set out in Janet Keene’s Braunton Burrows Ecology Trail, see above.


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Northam Burrows

Image of Northan Burrows BookNORTHAM BURROWS, estuary environments by Janet and Peter Keene
ISBN 978-0-948444-33-3 Thematic Trails 1997. A5. 48 pages. 30 illust. £2.95
A three-mile circular walk examines a mosaic of estuary habitats including pebble ridge, sand dunes, salt marsh and burrows pasture lands. The approach stresses the interrelationships between ecology, landscape, coastal defence and coastal management.

NORTHAM BURROWS, a decision-making exercise by Peter Jollands.
Thematic Trails 1997. A5. 12 pages.
This booklet, designed for tutor use with the above trail, examines management problems associated with Northam Burrows and includes an appropriate exercise for visiting students. Free, on request, with any order by post or 10p via PayPal.


NORTHAM BURROWS, a mixture of memories and facts by Philip Waters ISBN 978-1-895546-76-4 North Devon Museum Trust. Appledore. £4
A5. 64 pages, 29 illustrations.
Northam Burrows including chapters on the Lords of the Manor, golf, freehold, grazing, horse-riding, sea defences, potwallopers, salt water inundation. This history is interspersed with the memories of Philip Waters, a local resident of long-standing.

Image of Northam Burrows from the airWESTWARD HO! ECOLOGY TRAIL: beach sand-dune, salt marsh Janet Keene
ISBN 978-0-948444-02-9 Thematic Trails 1985. A5. 33 pages. 38 illustrations. £1.50
The circular route around Northam Burrows includes the slipway, beach, clay beds, pebble ridge, sand-dunes, Greysands, the Skern, salt marsh and mud flats; returning to Westward Ho! via the grasslands of Northam Burrows. The trail is suitable for both holiday and school orientated use. It uses a question and answer approach with panels for notes so may be regarded as an expendable booklet but it also lends itself to multiple duplication. In a later Thematic Trails booklet, Northam Burrows, estuary environments, the same author examines a wider a range of issues of concern in this estuary landscape.

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