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Oxfordshire Groups - Journal Contents.

On this page are listed the series details and contents of regular journals published by some of the Oxfordshire groups featured under Oxfordshire Groups Literature (see menu).

THE CORAL RAG (Published by the Marcham Society)

This is the annual journal of the Marcham Society and was published between 2001 and 2008.
The content details are listed below.

CORAL RAG: The Marcham Society Journal

Volume One Spring 2001 44 pages (A5). £3.00 Focus: Wild Celery - Marcham’s water birds - Marcham’s misfortunes - David Jones, Vicar 1699 to 1724.

Volume Two Spring 2002 56 pages (A5) £3.50 Focus: Excavations: Marcham’s Roman Amphitheatre - Duffield Memorial - The Church that Marcham might have had - Plants - Moths and Butterflies - Hedgerows - Lost and Found (Stone loom weight) in Marcham.

Volume Three Spring 2003 52 pages (A5) £3.50 Focus: Excavations: Manor Farm, Marcham - Snails - Victorian clay pipes - Conker collecting 1917 - The Snowdrop - 17C women in Marcham.

Volume Four Spring 2004 56 pages (A5) £3.50 includes an update on the excavations on Trendles Field, Manor Farm; articles on slugs, the Church Institute a century ago, Marcham in 1901 and Commercial Bakers in Marcham in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Volume Five 2005 48 pages (A5) £3.50 includes articles to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II; Marcham at war, Prisoners of War, Bombs in the Marcham area and War Memorials. Also churchyard plants, Gravestone Inscriptions and Skeletons at the Amphitheatre.

Volume Six 2006 44 pages (A5) £4 includes updates on the Marcham-Frilford Archaeological sites; grapes at Frilford Heath; the school in the 1930s and 1940s; Life on the Wall; the Gore-Brownes of Oakley Park.

Volume Seven 2007 48 pages, 50 illustrations in b/w and colour (A5) £4 Includes: Field Walking in Big Leas Field, Manor Farm; Ammonites in Marcham; Marcham Floods.

Volume Eight 2008 44 Pages, 30 illustrations in b/w and colour. A5 £4 Includes: Upwood: a house of it’s time – Dealing with the Government 1650 style – Frilford Heath: rare habitat and plants – Quarries at Marcham – Marcham School 1945 to 2003.

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Routes across the Upper Thames Valley ~ Publications by Alan Rosevear

Turnpikes - Tolls - Ancient routes (Alan Rosevear)

These 13 booklets reflect Alan Rosevear’s long-term research interests in the Turnpikes, milestones, toll houses, coach, railway and waggon routes across the Upper Thames Valley. The text is supported by maps, tables, drawings and figures drawn from a wide variety of historical sources. A very worth-while historical resource in its own right.

RUTV 1 Ancient Roads Across the Vale of White Horse. (A4) 18 pages 1993 2000 £2.00
RUTV 2 Ogilby's Road to Hungerford. (A4) 8 pages. 1993, 1994. 90p
RUTV 5 The Wallingford, Wantage and Faringdon Turnpike. (A4) 22 pages £3.80
RUTV 6  Fyfield St John’s Kingston Bagpuize – Newbridge Turnpike  (A4) 36 pages £3.80
RUTV 7 Turnpike Roads through Abingdon +Henley to Dorchester Turnpike. (A4) 39pp, 2000 £4.60
RUTV 9 The King’s Highway - Recorded journeys through the Thames Valley. (A4) 33 pp. 2000. £3.50
RUTV 10 Milestones and Toll-houses on old Turnpike Roads. (A4) 24 pages. 1993-1996. £3.00
RUTV 11 Coach and Waggon Services Across the Upper Thames Valley. (A4) 31 pp. 1993-9. £5.00
RUTV 12 Response of the Turnpikes to the coming of the Railway. (A4) 15 pages. 1993-4-6 £1.60

Publications by Stanford-in-the-Vale History Society

The Stanford Historian Edited by Phil Morris. ISSN 1476-8232 £1 per issue.

The Stanford Historian is the regular journal of the Stanford-in-the-Vale History Society.
This bi-annual (Spring and Autumn) journal is edited by Phil Morris. ISSN 1476-8232 . It was first published in the spring of 2002 and continues to the present, £1 per issue.

Vol 1 (1) Spring 2002 (A5) 36 pp (Street names 1 - Growing up between the wars).

Vol 1 (2) Autumn 2002 (A5) 32 pp (Street names 2 - St Denys Church 1 - Richard III).

Vol 2 (1) Spring 2003 (A5) 32 pp (Britain’s historic black population - St Denys Church 2)

Vol 2 (2) Autumn 2003 (A5) 32 pp (Childhood memories - What was the Local Militia?)

Vol 3 (1) Spring 2004 (A5) 32 pp (Street names 3 - Childhood Memories 2 - Gleanings)

Vol 3 (2) Autumn 2004 (A5) 40 pp (Possible ‘First Fleet’ connections - Memories 3)

No 7 Autumn 2005 (A5) 40 pp (Oral History Project, So, what then is history?)

No 8 Spring 2006 (A5) 36 pp (Oral History Project; Violet and Jasmine Howse Photographic Archive Project; Wayside, the history of a Victorian Stanford house)

No 9 Autumn 2006 (A5) 32 pp (The Furthest Promised Land - Cottages on the Green)

No 10 Spring 2007 (A5) 44pp (‘Poor Law’ examinations of 1747 – Diary of the Trans-Atlantic crossings of John West – 15th century Vine Cottage)

No 11 Autumn 2007 (A5) 24pp (Tithe records – Diary of John West, part 2 – Family trees; Whiting and King).

No 12 Spring 2008 (A5) 28pp (Slavery - villains or slaves - Diary of John West, part 3 - Architecture St Denys Church, part 1).

No 13 Autumn 2008 (A5) 24pp (Roads of Stanford - Architecture St Denys Church, part 2).

No 14 Spring 2009 (A5) 29pp. 19th Century Clerics –Recollections of Childhood WWII – 1870 Turnpike incidents.

No 15 Autumn 2009 (A5) 28pp. Evacuation in Berkshire 1940-42 – Waterman Furlong – Lieutenant James’s Horse Blister.

No 16 Spring 2010 (A5) 20pp. Some Early Local Residents –SitV Oral History Project – Roads in SitV (conclusion).

No 17 Autumn 2010 (A5) 20pp. A North Berkshire Rural Disaster, Autumn 1940 - Shellingford Airfield - A walk down Horsecroft.

No 18 Spring 2011 (A5) 20pp. A walk down Horsecroft (part 2) – The Stanford Archaeological Project – Notes on the Subject of Crayfish.

No 19 Winter 2011 (A5) 20pp. Stanford in the Vale Oral History Project – A Circular Walk Through the Wicks (part 1).

No 20 Sping 2012 (A5) 28pp. A Circular Walk Through the Wicks (part 2) – The Story of Omnibus Services in the Vale of White Horse (part 1).