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Longworth and District History Society Publications

Map of Golden Ridge area near Hinton Waldrist, Longworth and Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor and Kingston Bagpuize

Above is the area served by the Longworth and District History Society.

All the Publications of the Longworth & District History Society listed below are available through this Thematic Trails catalogue. They are also on display to view or to buy at any of the society “hall” meetings. The Society publications programme works in close association with Thematic Trails.

Village sense of place booklets

The following three booklets, edited by Peter Keene with Janet Keene and Jan Kelly were published by Thematic Trails for the Longworth and District History Society. The booklets may best be described as combined village companions, guided walks and reference books. The emphasis is upon the way that life in the village has been transformed during the last century, both as remembered by long-standing inhabitants and, as the speed of change increases, by those who have joined the village community more recently. These changes have been dramatic and today, call into question the term ‘village community’. 

Image of Hinton bookTHE PARISH OF HINTON WALDRIST: A SENSE OF PLACE ISBN978-0-948444-39-5 Thematic Trails, 2000 A5. 56 pages. 46 illustrations. £2.95

Image of Longworth booklet LONGWORTH: A SENSE OF PLACE
ISBN978-0-948444-40-1 Thematic Trails, 2000
A5. 64 pages. 34 illustrations. £2.95

Image of Kingston Bagpuize booklet

KINGSTON BAGPUIZE WITH SOUTHMOOR: A SENSE OF PLACE ISBN978-0-948444-41-8 Thematic Trails 2001. A5. 72 pages. 44 illustrations. £2.95

1998. 110 pages. 18 photos. £6.00
An evocation of life between the wars in Kingston Bagpuize which, at that time was still an estate-owned village. Sybil grew up in the village forge. The social and economic realities of estate life, as recalled by Sybil, is a delightful read, both for its social commentary and its intricate detail of village life at the vernacular level over half a lifetime ago.

Longworth Rose Volume One and Volume Two

The Longworth Rose is the magazine of Longworth and District History Society. The society serves the villages of Longworth, Hinton Waldrist and Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor. The illustrated magazine includes historical records, memories of those who have lived in the area for some time and includes accounts of everyday life both in the past and today. The magazine was founded in 1998 as a 12 page (A4)three times a year magazine. Volume One, 24 issues (292 pages) was completed in 2005. Volume Two, 24 issues (304 pages) was completed in 2013.

Both Volumes One and Two are now available as bound volumes in comb bindings.

The Longworth Rose Volume One 1998-2005. Peter Keene (Editor)
COMB BOUND With a thick flexible paper cover with a plastic comb binding the volume £15.00
ISBN 978-0-948444-45-6 292 pages (A4) including a comprehensive index to Volume One.

The Longworth Rose Volume Two 2006-2013 Peter Keene (Editor)
COMB BOUND with a thick flexible paper cover with a plastic comb binding - £15.00
ISBN 978-0-948444-62-3 304 pages (A4) including a comprehensive index to both Volume One and Volume Two.

For more details about the availability of individual back-issues and bound volumes of the Longworth Rose and other society publications visit:

Countryside Walks

Thematic Trails 2003. A4 size. 72 pages, 57 photos, 22 maps, 20 illust. £4.00 ISBN 978-0-948444-44-9

A stout A4 water-resistant plastic folder contains:

  • a large (510mm X 420m) two-sided colourful map showing five colour-coded recommended circular walks in the Kingston Bagpuize, Longworth and Hinton area. The map is folded to pocket-size. A walk added to this collect in 2015 is included as a complimentary bonus. This 'white' walk: "A Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor countryside experience" is not shown on the folded colour map, but this walk includes a clear map showing the route of the walk.
  • Six 12-page A4 guidebooks (landscape companions) one for each of the suggested circular countryside walks shown on the main map. Plus the "white walk."

These guides give comprehensive written and map instructions for following each colour-coded walk shown on the map. However, the main purpose of these ‘landscape companions’ is to provide an engaging illustrated commentary on the human and natural landscape through which these walks progress. The walks are set within the countryside known as the ‘Golden Ridge’, some 12 miles to the west of Oxford.

The six circular countryside walks, included in the package above,  are also available as individual colour coded walks as detailed below for £1.00 per 12-page walk.

Here are our colour coded walks.

GREEN WALK Start: Longworth Square – Harrowdown Hill – Thames – Newbridge – Common Lane – Longworth (4 mile walk).

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YELLOW WALK Start: Kingston Bagpuize -Swannybrook -Sheephouse Fm -Little London - Longworth - Southmoor. (7 miles).

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RED WALK Start: Hinton Waldrist Church - Duxford -Tadpole Bridge -Buckland -Pusey -Charney Bassett- Cherbury Camp- Hinton. (21miles)

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PURPLE WALK Start: Longworth Square – Hinton Waldrist – Duxford - Hall Ham – Harrowdown Hill – Longworth. (5.5 miles).

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ORANGE WALK Start: Southmoor - Fyfield – Rainbow Bridge – Thames – Newbridge – Draycott Moor – Southmoor. (5.5 miles).

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Agents for Oxfordshire countryside and village walks:
Kingston Bagpuize Post Office Faringdon Rd. Kingston Bagpuize, Oxon. OX13 5AA
Thematic Trails 7 Norwood Avenue, Kingston Bagpuize, Oxon OX13 5AD T:01865-820522.