Thematic Trails

Thematic Trails Coastal Landscape Pack.

This pack consists of the Geographical Association “Classic Landform Guide” (plus CD of illustrations) together with a nesting pack of 10 Thematic Trails which examine selected themes along the length of coast from the Exmoor coast to the Cornish border.
Map of North Devon Trails

This offer (Coastal Pack) costs £31.00 (plus £1.50 handling charge which includes free postage), saving 25% on the normal catalogue price. The pack is delivered in a firm, plastic, spine-labelled box-folder suitable for book-shelf storage. This offer is not available wholesale.

A) Classic Landforms of the North Devon Coast (A Geographical Association Guide) plus a CD of over 100 images of N. Devon coast in both PowerPoint format
with commentary and also as a set of easy-access high-quality individual images.

B) Set of ten Coastal Landscape Companions published by Thematic Trails


Sites of Geological Interest in Devon